What s Vitamin C Derivative ?

Vitamin C, which is important for beautiful skin, is easy to oxidize and hard to be absorbed, however Vitamin C derivative makes easier for Vitamin C to penetrate into the skin. Vitamin C derivative prevents the production of melanin, which causes stains and dullness, and helps to improve pigmentation.
C vita series is formulated with sustained Vitamin C derivative, Ascorbyl Glucoside, which leads to beautiful skin.

Vitamin C Derivative+Support Ingredients

Vitamin C Derivative+Kiwi,Rose Hip,Yuzu,CeramideVitamin C Derivative+Kiwi,Rose Hip,Yuzu,Ceramide

Cvita Efficacy Test

Skin Texture Improvement Test
The skin will be plump and the texture will be smooth after using the C vita Lotion. The smooth texture skin leading brighter look.
Spots Improvement Test of continuous use
Continues using the C vita lotion and cream 1 month, the water content, moisture, of the skin increase 2 times, which means continues using will lead the skin more moisture and brighter.


Cvita Clear Facial Wash

Cvita Clear Facial Wash

Thoroughly removes sebum/pore dirt for a brighter look.

The cleansing foam to wash with rich bouncy foam, as well as keeping moisture in the skin.
With a blend of the original “Essence Capsule*” for beautifying, the moisturizing ingredients are delivered to skin in a fresher condition.
Gentle formula without over-drying/stripping.

*Ascorbyl Glucoside, Citrus Junos Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Soluble Proteoglycan, Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica

How to useminus
Take a moderate amount to make foam adding water. Wash gently to cover up entire face. Rinse off well with water.
C vita Bright Up Lotion

Cvita Bright Up Lotion

Moisture the skin
To achieve the brighter bare skin

Comfortably to the skin and fresh feeling.
Moisture texture with the smooth finish, and achieves the transparent and healthy skin.

How to useminus
Use on clean skin after makeup remove and face wash. Take a moderate amount of lotion onto hands or the cotton pad.
Cvita Concentrated Serum

Cvita Concentrated Serum

Intensive skin care with beauty agents for brighter skin.
Formulated with the highest concentration of sustained vitamin C derivative* of C vita series which leads to hydrated and luminous skin.
Gel type serum instantly penetrates into the skin and gives a smooth and bright look with beauty agents.

*Ascorbyl Glucoside

How to useminus
After toning lotion, apply a moderate amount of serum over face gently.
Cvita Smooth Cream

Cvita Smooth Cream

Stretch smoothly texture to moisture and keep the bare skin.
Great stretch and not sticky even in the sweaty season. Confines moisture and gives greasy finish without stickiness. Without makeup deterioration even use in the morning.

How to useminus
After toning lotion, and serum, apply a moderate amount of cream over the face gently.