point01The Hypoallergenic Formula
for Skin Protection

Safe for the children!
The 4 free-formula
Recommended for
daily life and leisure!

point02The Skin-Gentle
Natural Ingredients

Natural Aroma Ingredients

  • Lemon EucalyptusLemon Eucalyptus
  • CitronellaCitronella
  • LemongrassLemongrass
  • GeramiumGeramium


Organic Moisturizing Ingredients

  • Rosemary Leaf ExtractRosemary Leaf
  • Chamomile Flower ExtractChamomile Flower
  • Jojoba Leaf ExtractJojoba Leaf
  • Sage Leaf ExtractSage Leaf

point03 Easy Everyday Use
of Parents & Children

The watery-based gel sunscreen is
not sticky, easy for children to
spread even themselves.

Easy wash off with soap


MEISHOKU Limo Limo Outdoor UV

Limo Limo Outdoor UV

The Sunscreen Gel that Gently Guards Mom & Kids’ Skin

The functional sunscreen gel with a blend of natural aroma essence. Protects the skin of parents & children from the UV rays exposed outside at leisure / daily activities.
The texture is watery-based gel type, easily removable with normal soap or body soap.
Additive-free formula without coloring, mineral oil, & alcohol.
Fragrance of green citrus

How to useminus
Take a moderate amount on hands to apply evenly onto face or body by spreading. To keep the sunscreen effect, reapply frequently. When washing off, lather the normal soap or body soap to wash thoroughly.