Privacy policy

MOMOTANIJUNTENKAN is acquiring customers personal data, which is operating the website more convenience and the company desire that customers may use company’s products and service with relief.

Acquisition of personal information

The company should clarify the purposes of usage and the inquiry counter to acquire personal information, which should under the extent of the purposes of use. The company should not use the information without the agreement of customers.
■To acquire inquiries by customers through telephone about purchase order and so on.
■To acquire the document which fill out the application and so on.
■To acquire the information of e-mail and inquiries via internet.
■To acquire information which under the extent of the contract with business alliances.

Use of personal information

The company shall use customers information, which the company have held, for the following purpose.
■ The purpose of response inquiries regarding from customers.
■ The purpose of statistical analysis to develop new products and improve in the quality of service.
■ The purpose of products delivery.
■ The purpose of notify the information of new products and campaign by e-mail or post mail.
Change of the purpose of utilization should make public release in this website which is under a reasonable purpose compare with before the change.

Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to third parties

The company shall not disclosure nor provide customer’s personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the person, except under the following circumstances.
■ If we received permission from customer-self.
■ If required by laws.
■ If it is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of an individual when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
■ The company may provide the necessary information for achieving the purpose of use to concerning business partners which should under the「Personal Information Protection Law.