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Moist Fiber

The habit of making beautiful skin
starts from "touching"

※Uses our patented technology

Moist Fiber technology‘s three distinctive features

  1. 01

    Three skin beautifying effects

    Moist Fiber:
    ・Moisturizes the skin
    ・Enhances the skin’s protective barrier
    ・Increases the skin elasticity.
    These three effects guarantee beautiful skin

  2. 02

    Moist Fiber is compatible with a variety of products

    Moist Fiber is a rayon fiber that does not lose its skin-beautifying effects even when the product is washed. It can therefore be used in conjunction with a wide variety of textile products on a daily basis.

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    History of skin research for over a century

    Momotani Juntenkan Co. Ltd. was the first private company in Japan to develop various lotions based on western prescriptions. Our company has been doing research in skin treatment technology for over a century and has consistently produced various high-quality skin treatment products.


The presence of "skin flora"
impacts skin condition.

Do you know that human skin has bacteria?

Skin bacteria are called "skin flora" and contain more than 200 species.
There are three major classes of skin bacteria, such as

healthy skin-beautifying bacteria that enhance moisturizing and
skin barrier functions,
unhealthy bacteria that have a harmful effect on skin,
and opportunistic bacteria that have no effect on skin

most importantly, recent studies demonstrate that
the skin flora balance directly affects skin condition
A skin flora imbalance will result in various skin diseases,
such as acne and atopic dermatitis.

Skin flora is not just another bacteria!
indeed, it plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin.

skin flora balance
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Momotanijuntenkan has been studying skin bacteria and acne for over a century since the establishment of the company. Our research shows that skin flora is a secret to beautiful skin.

based on the idea of stimulating the growth of skin-friendly bacteria,
we set out to develop our innovative product, "Flora Controller FC161"

"Flora Controller FC161" is a unique ingredient that suppresses
only harmful skin bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus)
that cause skin inflammation
while increasing the proportion of unharmful,
beautifying skin bacteria (Staphylococcus epidermidis).

We conducted research on applying this product to various fibers
and succeeded first in the world in developing the fiber product
called "Moist Fiber " containing "Flora Controller FC161".

Our " Moist Fiber" products produce
a skin care effect when simply worn or touched.

Moist Fiber products produce a skin care effect when simply worn or touched
Healthy bacteria’s
Unhealthy bacteria


The mechanism by which "Moist Fiber" act on skin flora.

"Moist Fiber" shifts the skin flora balance in favor of skin-beautifying, healthy Bacteria. Skin-beautifying bacteria strengthen the skin barrier function and increase the amount of moisturizing agents present on the skin, thereby resulting in smoother and more fully moisturized skin.

Healthy bacteria’s beautifying action

Healthy bacteria’s beautifying action

moisturizing the skin and enhancing the barrier function.

Unhealthy bacteria’s action

Unhealthy bacteria’s action

suppressing the barrier function and causing various skin inflammations.


Increases the moisturizing components.



When healthy bacteria are active, the barrier function is strengthened. In addition, various moisturizing agents are activated, leading to more beautiful skin.

Skin-beautifying effects 01
Moisture content of the skin

The moisture content of the skin before and 4 hours after wearing the "Moist Fiber" was measured.

Moisture content of the skin

Skin-beautifying effects 02
Barrier function of skin

The amount of water evaporation of the skin before and 8 hours after wearing the "Moist Fiber" was measured.

barrier function of skin

Skin-beautifying effects 03
Softness of the skin

The softness of the skin before and 8 hours after wearing the "Moist Fiber" was measured.

Softness of the skin


# Moist Fiber Facial Mask

We pride ourselves on a century-long tradition
in outstanding research Resulting in this next-generation
facial mask that uses Momotanijuntenkan’s patented
"Moist Fiber" technology.

Owing to its smooth texture, this mask has a long-lasting skin care
effect even after washing, so it can be used repeatedly.

Moist Fiber Facial Mask

# Other applications of Moist Fiber

Our "Moist Fiber" technology activates the beautifying skin flora and can be used in a wide variety of products that come into contact with human skin, such as underwear, bed sheets, nightwear, and clothing.

Other applications of Moist Fiber