Momotanijuntenkan Ltd

Our Company Emblem

Momotanijuntenkan’s logo

Momotanijuntenkan’s company emblem (registered trademark) features a peach and a dragonfly.

In ancient time, a peach symbolized "long life." A dragonfly is written "蜻蛉" in Kanji characters, and it is also can be read as "Akitsu," which is a makura kotoba (poetic epithet) representing Yamato (an ancient name for Japan). The company emblem featuring a combination of a peach, which symbolizes "protection against evil" and "longevity," and a dragonfly soaring in the sky represents the image of a company achieving infinite growth, with a strong determination of "offering high quality products both in Japan and abroad."

Our Corporate Creed

Momotanijuntenkan’s creed

When he was young, Masajiro Momotani, the founder of Momotanijuntenkan, studied Confucianism at Atsushi Haruta’s private school in Tennoji, Osaka. At the time, Masajiro took into his heart the teaching "Junten": "There is the one who created the whole universe ("Ten"). Following the will of Ten, or the universe, means to render services to people."

The name Momotanijuntenkan is derived from the term "Junten" (following the will of the universe) and Masajiro’s surname "Momotani." In 1885, he started a business of manufacturing commercial drugs under the trade name "Momotani Juntenkan."

With the company name still unchanged over 100 years, we have inherited the founder’s spirit and attitude of "Junten," which has been set as our corporate creed.

Our Purpose

For Beauty and Well-Being