Momotanijuntenkan Ltd

Our key concept is
"a feeling of security + experience + satisfaction."

Research & Development

Founded in 1913, our laboratory is the oldest cosmetic research institute in Japan. Recently, state-of-the-art equipment and a facility environment have been introduced into the lab. We endeavor to create beauty products that provide a feeling of security, experience and satisfaction to all our customers.

Five laboratories support our R&D capabilities

Five laboratories support Momotanijuntenkan’s R&D capabilities

We have five laboratories. The R&D Department is dedicated to research on formulation and function mainly for product development. The Frontier Research Laboratory engages in basic research and effect/efficacy research under medium- and long-term themes. The Manufacturing Technology Laboratory is responsible for research on improvement of production technology. The Global R&D Laboratory is committed to developing product formulations that respond to the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) or meet the needs of customers in various countries and regions. The Next Research & Innovation Lab pursues the creation of new value with open innovation strategy. These laboratories are working to strengthen their R&D capabilities based on an appropriate division of roles.

The R&D Department is working to develop cosmetic recipes and various types of high-quality "bases for cosmetic preparations," which meet strict testing standards, under its own manufacturing conditions and methods. Its research has focused on the formulation, scent and texture of beneficial ingredients. They are finely tuned so that our beauty products can please and make customers happy.

The Frontier Research Laboratory pursues an innovative way to deliver "beauty" to customers.

The laboratory, in collaboration with industry, academia and government, develops new functional materials. For evidence-based cosmetics, it also conducts the assessment and verification of a material’s efficacy and effects on the skin and the functions provided by cosmetic products.
In addition, the laboratory is dedicated to research on how to communicate the value of cosmetics to customers, research on the very fundamental question of what beautiful skin is, research on beauty salon treatments and medical cosmetic treatments, and research on new ways to provide beauty, including how to enhance customers’ psychological effects and how to create products that provide deep satisfaction.

The Manufacturing Technology Laboratory seeks the best manufacturing environment.

The laboratory provides technological support and problem solutions regarding the manufacturing of cosmetics.
For example, lab staff members work with those responsible for the development of a cosmetic product, from the stage of development to considering what type of production machine is best for the product and the storage period of products in bulk. The laboratory contributes to ensuring a smooth production flow of the entire factory and the offering of safe and reliable products.

The Global R&D Laboratory is dedicated to research and development of cosmetic formulations that meet the needs of the society to come.

The laboratory is working on the research and development of cosmetic formulations designed for customers in various countries and regions where we have not yet provided our products and services. Efforts have been made to develop technology necessary for cosmetic formulation that meets the demands of the times when importance is placed on sustainability and the realization of the SDGs.

The Next Research & Innovation Lab seeks to create new value.

The laboratory works on the development of a new business model in the field of beauty and health, beyond the boundaries of cosmetics, and the provision of new value to customers by promoting collaboration with companies in different industries and university and other research institutes. Research has been conducted with emphasis on out-of-the-box thinking and from a broader perspective, not bound by researchers’ perspective.

Formula Meister System

Formula Meister system
for R&D Specialists

A "Formula Meister" is the highest professional qualification that researchers seek to achieve, and it is awarded only to researchers engaging in formula development who have acquired a high level of skills and profound knowledge through various hands-on experiences and who have passed a number of tests.
Formula Meisters are empowered to authorize the commercialization of a newly developed product and are allowed to put their own original mark on the products that they themselves authorize. This system helps enhance the researchers’ feeling of pride and sense of responsibility and fosters their motivation to work hard toward a lofty goal, which serves as a basis for handing down techniques and skills to the next generation.

Knowledge on Skincare

Drawing out the natural beauty of the skin

Momotanijuntenkan's skincare
To achieve and secure healthy and beautiful skin, it is crucial to continue to take care of the skin in a way suited to each individual. Appropriate skincare protects the skin from external damage, enhances the skin’s original functions, and thereby leads to more beautiful and healthier skin.
To achieve beautiful skin not only now but also in the future, it is important for you to understand the structure and functions of the skin and take care of your skin based on accurate knowledge.