Momotanijuntenkan Ltd


Aiming to become a
"Personal Beauty Consultant"
that caters to the wishes of our customers

The "Junten" in our name Momotanijuntenkan means to follow the will of universe and render services to people.
With this term as his life principle, Masajiro Momotani founded Momotanijuntenkan and set his principle as the corporate creed. Inheriting the spirit, we have since devoted our efforts to developing products far ahead of our time, aiming to eliminate people’s concerns.

Recent rapid advancement of IoT, AI and other information technologies and medical technologies has brought about significant changes to people’s lives, such as new values created beyond gender and racial differences and increasingly diversified ways of working and living. Against these background, changes have been taking place in the definition of "beauty" and people’s awareness of "beauty and health." In today’s fast-changing world and in this age when people live to be 100 years old, people feel enriched by achieving healthy beauty, which gives them self-confidence and also becomes a priceless asset in their lives.
This is why we continue to pursue values that provide optimal solutions to each individual customer’s concerns from various perspectives, ranging from cosmetics to healthy food products, beauty salon treatments, and epochal medical care.

At the Momotanijuntenkan Group, we will continue our efforts to evolve into a company that provides a total solution for "beauty and health".

Representative Director and President
Seiichiro Momotani