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Skin Flora Research 130 years of beautiful skin research

Innovative idea of controlling the balance of bacteria living in the skin.
There is a large amount of bacteria living in the human body, having profound influences on physical health and the symptoms of aging.
Lactic acid bacteria living in the intestine is well-known, but there is bacterial flora in the skin, called "skin flora." Through long years of research, we generated the innovative idea of controlling the balance of bacteria living in the skin by preferentially decreasing bacteria unfriendly to the skin and increasing the rate of Beautiful Skin Bacteria from among various types of skin flora.

Developed by Momotani Juntenkan with 130-year experience in beautiful skin research! First in the World Decrease bacteria unfriendly to the skin (bad bacteria) and increase the rate of "Beautiful Skin Bacteria Floracontroller FC161

mphasis has been changed from the idea that bacteria should be eliminated to make the skin beautiful to the idea that the bacteria beneficial to the skin (Beautiful Skin Bacteria) should be kept and allowed to grow. Momotani Juntenkan has successfully developed "Floracontroller FC161," which preferentially decreases bad bacteria living in the skin and increases the rate of Beautiful Skin Bacteria.

The world of Skin Flora

More than 200 kinds of bacteria living in the skin have been identified so far, which can be broadly separated into three groups.

Beautiful Skin Bacteria (= good bacteria)

Beautiful Skin Bacteria

Do good for the skin

Staphylococcus epidermidis

Staphylococcus epidermidis

It is abundant in healthy skin and plays an important role in moisturizing the skin and improving the skin’s barrier functions.

Bad bacteria

Bad bacteria

Cause skin trouble

Staphylococcus aureus

Staphylococcus aureus

It is a frequent cause of skin roughness or atopic dermatitis. Since it prefers an alkaline environment, it increases when good bacteria make the skin mildly acidic.

Opportunistic bacteria

It is easily affected by the balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria or by the skin environment.

Cutibacterium acne

Cutibacterium acne

It is said that there are both good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria work to protect the skin by making the pH of the skin mildly acidic, while bad bacteria is said to be a cause of acne by eating sebum deep in the pores of skin.

Preferentially selects Beautiful Skin Bacteria beneficial to the skin and grows them

Mechanism of FC161

Preferentially selects Beautiful Skin Bacteria beneficial to the skin and grows them Preferentially selects Beautiful Skin Bacteria beneficial to the skin and grows them
Bad bacteria
Beautiful Skin Bacteria

Momotanijuntenkan’s research paper was published in a feature article about the advances of skin flora research in the December 2018 issue of the cosmetic scientific R&D journal titled "FRAGRANCE JOURNAL."

Researchers’ Voices


Aiming to bring about more beautiful skin to more women through research on Floracontroller FC161

The starting point of our research is acne treatments. Since its founding, Momotani Juntenkan has devoted its efforts to pursue acne research. The advances of science and technology have also brought about the rapid development of gene analysis technology, enabling us to find that bacteria living in the skin play a causal role in atopic dermatitis, skin roughness, and acne.

The bacterial flora in the skin (= skin flora) is not germs but an important element to protect the skin. It means that excessive antibacterial effects can kill bacteria beneficial to the skin. From this perspective, we have successfully developed "Floracontroller FC161," an ingredient that enables coexistence with bacteria, not killing them, and controls the bacterial flora in the skin.

In recent years, borders have been disappearing in many industries, bringing about significant changes to attitudes toward cosmetics. Based on our belief that beauty products are meant to be something to keep the skin beautiful, which is also the starting point of our business, but at the same time from a new perspective, we have been engaging in R&D activities. With cooperation from a fiber maker, we have succeeded in weaving Floracontroller FC161 into the fibers used for skincare and base makeup products. This initiative has enabled us to create new types of beauty products that no one has ever seen for the sake of making our customers’ skin more beautiful.

Next Research & Innovation Lab




Hygiene products

Base makeup

Please keep your eyes on the further development of "Floracontroller FC161."

Conference Presentation

For the development of skin flora research in the world, we at Momotani Juntenkan have applied for international patents and are actively working for the presentation of our research papers at academic conferences and their publication in industry journals.

Date Media name
2018.3 Japan-society for Bioscience Biotechnology and Agrochemistry : (JSBBA)
2018 Conference Topics Award Winner.
Our presentation was selected for 30 out of 2000 lectures.  
2018.7 Published in the American oil chemists’Society(AOCS)
Our presentation was selected for 5 out of 450 lectures.
2019.9 ISBAB(International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Agricultrual Biotechnology)
2019.12 International Conference on Food Factors(ICoFF)