Momotanijuntenkan Ltd

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We at Momotanijuntenkan Ltd. will handle the personal information received from customers appropriately based on the Privacy Policy below so that customers can use our products and services without worry.

Acquisition of Personal Information

When acquiring personal information from our customers, we will clearly state the purpose of use and contact address regarding personal information, and we will use the information within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of use. Under no circumstances will we use personal information for purposes other than those stated without consent of customers.
Personal information will be acquired through the following:

  • Inquiries (orders for products, etc.) from customers by phone
  • Documents submitted by customers, including application forms
  • Inquiries from customers by e-mail or through the Internet
  • Business cooperation with another company (In that case, personal information is acquired within the scope of the agreement concluded.)

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

We will use acquired customer information for the purposes stated below:

  • When it is necessary to contact a customer later on in response to his/her inquiry
  • When it is used for statistical data analysis in order to develop new products or enhance the quality of services
  • When sending products
  • When notice is made about a new product or campaign by e-mail or by post

When it is necessary to change the purpose of use, we will make a change within a scope that makes it reasonable to consider the purpose of use after the change to be appreciably related to what it was before the change, and we will make a public announcement through our website.

Joint Use of Personal Information

It may be necessary for us to share the use of personal information received from customers with our group companies: Meishoku Cosmetic Ltd., Cosmetec Japan Ltd., and RF28.

Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

We will not disclose or provide acquired personal information to a third party; however, the minimum amount of information may be disclosed in the cases specified below:

  • When customer consent is obtained
  • When required by laws and regulations
  • When it is necessary to provide personal information to protect the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of an individual and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  • When a third party is our business partner and when it is necessary to disclose personal information to the third party within the scope specified in the agreement concluded regarding the Personal Information Protection Law to fulfill a purpose of use.

Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Personal Information

If you request us to disclose, correct, or delete your personal information, please contact us at the address below. After the confirmation of your identification, we will respond in an appropriate manner.
However, personal information may not be disclosed in the following cases:

  • Disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property, or other rights or interests of the person or a third party.
  • Disclosure is likely to hinder proper implementation of our business.