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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Scope of Use

  • You may freely access and view this website. However, it is strictly prohibited to use the content of the website in any manner or for any purpose (including reproduction, distribution, modification, public transmission, reuse and forwarding) without prior written permission from Momotanijuntenkan (the “Company”). Use of the content of the website without any prior consent would be in violation of copyright law, trademark law, and the law of privacy and publicity.

Copyright, etc.

  • All the information contained in this website—including but not limited to articles, videos, sounds, photographs, images, and all other edited content—is the property of the Company or the original owners. They shall not be reprinted, duplicated, redistributed, republished, sold, rented or otherwise used without any authorization of the copyright owner, all of which amount to illegal acts, including copyright infringement. None of the trademarks or their equivalents on this website may be diverted or reproduced without authorization.
  • The use of the content of the website beyond the limit of private use, quotation or other uses authorized by copyright law—including reprinting, duplication, redistribution, republication, selling, or renting—may be subject to punishment under copyright law. When using the content of the website, it is necessary to gain the approval of the Company in advance.


  • The Company will not be held responsible for the content of other websites that are linked from or to the Company’s website or any damage resulting from the use of such other websites.
  • The Company will not accept any requests for a link from this website to another site. (The websites that are linked from this website will be determined by the Company.)


  • The content of this website may be changed, suspended, or removed at any time without prior notice. For whatever reason, the Company does not assume responsibility for any damage arising from use of or inability to use or changes to the content of this website or from suspension or cessation of the operation of this website.
  • The Company has paid special attention to every aspect when posting information on this website. However, the Company does not guarantee or accept any responsibility for the usefulness and accuracy of the content of this website and the security thereof (including non-occurrence of errors, non-interruption of functions, remediation of its defects, and absence of any computer virus or other hazardous element on this website or the server).

Governing Law and Court with Jurisdiction

  • The use of this website and interpretations and applications of the Terms of Use shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. The Osaka District Court shall have the exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding this website.