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Momotanijuntenkan’s Promise
to All Those with Sensitive Skin Problems


01 Quality assurance for sensitive skin
02 Special formula for sensitive skin

Momotanijuntenkan has been focusing on women’s skin.
Knowing that an increasing number of women suffer a sensitive skin problem, we conducted a study.
It has shown that sensitive skin can be categorized into several types.
Among those saying that they have sensitive skin,
only a few people have highly sensitive skin that can be deemed to be a disease.
Some of the respondents showed symptoms of sensitive skin,
complaining that specific ingredients make their hands rough
Many other people were found to have changeable skin conditions.

 Quality assurance for sensitive skin


For those with sensitive skin resulting from decreased skin barrier functions or moisture deficiency, we promise to provide the quality assurance of products applicable for sensitive skin by introducing a three-stage check system.

Delicate fragrance that brings a comfortable feeling

1. Safety test to ensure reliability

48-hour patch test performed by doctors Repeated insult patch test (RIPT)

To ensure customers’ safety and reliability, we conduct a safety test of all products applicable to sensitive skin under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Reduction in skin friction

2. Production system with due consideration to hygienic conditions

ISO 9001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for cosmetics Quality test for all batches Hygiene environment according to the type of process

Quality tests are conducted for all batches according to ISO and GMP and under the supervision of a qualified person in charge to ensure that safe products are manufactured in an accurate manner. Different clean rooms are used depending on the manufacturing process (e.g. a process requiring a high level of hygiene) so that products with optimal quality can be delivered to those with sensitive skin.

 Special formula for sensitive skin


Momotanijuntenkan does not think that products free from fragrance or free from preservations are best for those with sensitive skin. We believe that the key to solving the issue of sensitive skin is to come up with a safe and highly effective formulation.

Delicate fragrance that brings a comfortable feeling

Delicate fragrance that brings a comfortable feeling

Taking care of the skin while enjoying a delicate fragrance makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed. We do not think that fragrance-free products are perfect for sensitive skin. We propose a delicate skin solution that enables users to take care of the skin safely while enjoying a delicate fragrance that brings a comfortable feeling.


Reduction in skin friction

Friction is one of the factors that contribute to sensitive skin. Without even noticing, you may touch a sensitive area of skin with your hands or rub it with a towel. When designing a product, we pay special attention to reduce skin friction while in use.

A new approach to product formulation

A new approach to product formulation

We break away from the conventional idea that all the ingredients that are not good for the skin should be removed. For product formulation, we have adopted a new approach in which ingredients effective for sensitive skin are actively added and ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin are excluded.

What kind of skin is sensitive?

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is not the same as weak skin. Everyone can have sensitive skin due to a breakdown in basic lifestyle habits or a change in the living environment.

Your skin condition may vary from day to day. Does your skin feel like this?

  • Your skin feels uncomfortable even after skincare.
  • Makeup is not easy to apply, or my skin has lost its suppleness.
  • My skin condition varies considerably from day to day.
  • My skin gets irritated easily upon exposure to the sun.
  • Usual skincare sometimes feels uncomfortable, for example when the seasons change.

What causes sensitive skin?


There are some factors that cause sensitive skin. When a natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which has something to do with the skin’s barrier functions, or intercellular lipid is reduced due to stress, dry air, or wrong skincare, the moisture inside the skin comes outside, thereby reducing the power to protect the skin from external stimuli and making the skin more sensitive to such stimuli.

We wish to reduce the number of people suffering from sensitive skin.

Momotanijuntenkan has been working on research concerning sensitive skin so that we can deliver safer products to our customers.