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Voices from Customers

It has been more than 135 years since Momotanijuntenkan was established in 1885,
which is largely attributable to our customers’ continuous support and patronage.

Voices from customers are a great encouragement and an invaluable asset to us.

Let us introduce some of the customer voices we have received.

A letter from a female
customer in her 20s

I’m now in the third year of university. When I was about 12 years old, acne started to appear on my face.
Since then, I have been suffering from severe acne.
When I was in junior high and senior high school,
my acne got worse due to a hormonal imbalance and stress from exams and personal relationships.
Bad times continued, and whenever I looked at my bumpy face in a mirror, I got fed up with everything.

Voices from Customers

While other people were eating what they like,
I avoided food that seemed to be bad for my skin.
I saved money and bought expensive cosmetic products
and drugs to try to improve my skin.
I desperately endured my severe acne problem,
believing that I would be able to have beautiful skin someday.

I always wondered why other people had beautiful skin without doing anything
and why it was only me who was having such a difficult time…
When looking at my face, some people said to me, "Oh, poor you," or asked me,
"Are you washing your face properly?" or "Do you eat vegetables?"
These words made me feel sad.
I put on foundation heavily every day
although I understood it was not good for my skin.
Whenever I wore makeup, I felt as if I were all a lie.
I was afraid to reveal my true self to others.
I always walked outside with my head down
because I didn’t want my face to be seen by others.

One day, however, I had an encounter with "BIGANSUI Acne Lotion."

Voices from Customers

After starting to use it,
my skin improved and the acne on my face started to fade, easing my mind.

Recently, my acne has disappeared.

My friends and family members said to me, "Your skin became beautiful."
This gave me confidence, and I even came to smile at myself in the mirror.
Since I became positive,
I was able to free myself from stress and things started to go well.

Voices from Customers

And for the first time in my life,
I was asked for my contact information by a man.

Now, I enjoy myself every day,
and I like myself very much.

"BIGANSUI Acne Lotion" gave encouragement to me
and changed my life.
I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks.
I will continue to use it as a lifelong mate.
Thank you very much.

the Momotanijuntenkan Group has received from customers

I enjoy the lotion’s scent. When applying it, its fresh scent becomes softer and more pleasant. I love both its scent and the refreshing feeling it gives me after application. I’d like to continue to use it since it seems to be good for acne.

(Female in her 20s)

My skin was in the worst condition. I tried many things, but it did not improve. It was then that I saw an ad for this product on the Web, and I started to use it. Since I had been using Momotanijuntenkan’s BIGANSUI Acne Lotion for years, I ordered it with a mixture of expectation and anxiety. Once I started to use it, my skin condition clearly got better. Now, it is essential in my daily skin care in the morning and at night!

(Female in her 20s)

I’ve been using your products for many years! I suggested my mother to use them. Since she also fell in love with them, we are now loyal users! We will continue to use them!

(Female in her 20s)

Since I had long been curious about the product, I decided to use it. I like it very much because it is effective in treating acne and gives a refreshing feeling! It is also nice to be able to share it with my son♪

(Female in her 30s)

I repeatedly tried many products from various cosmetic companies and decided to buy your products for continued use. I think your products have a good balance of pricing, comfort of use, and effects.

(Female in her 30s)

All my family members have been using your products. We are all fans of yours. We can no longer stop using them.

(Female in her 40s)

When I was a junior high school student, my mother bought me Lemon Astringent Lotion as my first beauty product. Since then, I have been using it.

(Female in her 40s)

While in my late teens and early 20s, I regularly used "BIGANSUI Acne Lotion" in a blue glass bottle. I remember that when I put some lotion on a cotton pad and cleansed my face with it, it gave a brighter tone and transparent feeling to the skin. In those days, the lotion was a must-have item for me.

In my mid-50s, I encountered the RF28 series by chance. I was very impressed again by their excellent efficacy.

(Female in her 50s)

I’m a long-time admirer of the OKUSAMA series (beauty product series for married women). I’m very happy to see that although many new products are released under the series, good old products have continued to be sold.

Times change rapidly, but I believe that real beauty products stay unchanged and continue to provide peace of mind.

(Female in her 60s)

About 30 years ago, I started to use the MEISHOKU series at my mother’s recommendation. I think this series is the best in terms of quality and being good for the skin. People think I am 10 years younger than I am. I want to say to MEISHOKU: "Thank you. I’ll be counting on you!"

(Female in her 60s)

I’m a 75-year-old woman. At the age of about 19, I became interested in makeup. Thereafter, I used many kinds of beauty products from various companies.

Last autumn, my friend recommended me to try Momotanijuntenkan’s products. I remembered that when I was young, I had heard of that company name several times. I wanted to try their products and ordered a lotion. Once I started to use the lotion, I was very moved because it gives a comfortable feeling to my palms and face every time I use it.

Whenever I use it, I feel that I should continue to buy the lotion. I want to fully enjoy the feeling of satisfaction this lotion gives me, without saying that I’m too old to use it. Thank you very much.

(Female in her 70s)

I’m now 84 years old. From my youth, I tried and used many different kinds of beauty products from different makers.

I remember with nostalgia that there were your lotions on my mother’s dresser. I thought I would like to use them someday whenever I thought of my late mother.

After using various beauty products from other companies, I’ve now been using your basic skin care products, including a lotion, cream and foundation. I remember that slightly square-shaped pink bottle with nostalgia. Your products have been used for two successive generations—my mother and me. Thank you.

(Female in her 80s)

All feedback from customers is our invaluable asset.

We at the Momotanijuntenkan Group are determined to be a company
always at the side of our customers.