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Research on the Development of UX (User Experience)

Research to explore the possibilities of developing an innovative makeup tool using digital technology

Digital technology not only promotes the automation of conventional manual tasks but also Creates new possibilities. Taking advantage of digital technology, we have developed a makeup app called "Tracing Mirror," which enables users to fully enjoy the power of makeup and find a new self.

Image for use of makeup app "Tracing Mirror Logo"

With the app "Tracing Mirror," you can get the ideal face. For example, select the photo/image of the type of eye makeup you like, place it on the in-app mirror as shown in the image above, and trace over the eye makeup image that appears in the mirror. Samples are available for various facial parts, ranging from eyebrows, the shape and color of which play an important role in changing your facial impression, to eyeline, lip line and shading.
Tracing Mirror also provides the function of enabling users to create an image of freedom in the mirror. This function is expected to bring about a new style of makeup teaching. From this perspective, we asked Osaka Beauty College students to use Tracing Mirror in class. Based on the honest and candid feedback we received from them, we identified areas for improvement and made efforts to improve them through repeated experiments. We will continue to seek a partner to explore further possibilities of UX development.

Students using "Tracing Mirror" in class
Students using "Tracing Mirror" in class
Feedback from beauty college students
Feedback from beauty college students

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Research to explore the possibilities of a new skincare tool, taking advantage of digital technology

"Skin Trouble Forecast" app
"Skin Trouble Forecast" app

In the fields of cosmetic research and dermatological research, technology for image processing and analysis has come to play a more important role than before. Hoping to propose a new habit for skincare, we have developed an app called "Skin Trouble Forecast."
The Skin Trouble Forecast app tells users their invisible skin troubles, including acne, spots and clogged pores, by using our originally developed image filter.

Invisible skin trouble

The Skin Trouble Forecast spots a local change in skin color in real time and enables users to see such skin troubles, just like looking in the mirror. The main chromophores of human skin are brown melanin and red hemoglobin (red pigment in blood). If you carefully look at your face with this in mind, you will be able to find acne or skin roughness, where blood flow is concentrated, or potential acne and skin roughness, as well as blemishes/potential blemishes, where melanin is concentrated, or conspicuous open pores.
If you spot skin troubles at an earlier stage, you can respond to them quickly and prevent them from getting worse. We propose to you to use the Skin Trouble Forecast to make it a new skincare habit to check invisible skin troubles using the digital-technology-based app.

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1st Spring 2019 Newspaper "Nichiyohin-keshohin Shimbun"
3rd Spring 2019 "Sekken Nichiyohin Shimpo"

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